Mouka Foam Brand in Nigeria

Mouka Foam on Jiji

Nothing takes care of your comfortable and sound sleep better than Mouka orthopaedic mattress. Some customers still find it difficult to choose a proper one, when it comes to Vitafoam vs Mouka foam opposition. Nevertheless, Mouka foam mattress is associated with extra care for our back.

Mouka foam comforts backaches and various back conditions. It was designed with the intention of providing the ultimate pain-relieving and health care effects. Orthopaedic mattress consists of the special foam of ultra-high density and quilted grade jacquard.

The primer allows achieving perfect balance between softness, usability, and beneficial effect, while the latter is used for lower back area support.

Mouka mattress is suitable for adults with shared weight up to 180 kg. Consumer research proved that it to be one of the best options for senior citizens. Mattresses of all sizes are recommended for usage by the national physiotherapy society, and prices for the products are not high.

Actually, the cost of Mouka does not differ from the price of an average mattress in Nigeria. However, the comfort you achieve with a single purchase is definitely worth the money. Besides, the majority of items come with the warranty. Do not forget to specify this detail by asking a seller, especially if you are buying a new mattress.

Last but not least detail: how much is the mattress in Nigeria? As always, the prices vary depending on a provider/distributor. You can be sure to find the most attractive offers on Jiji. On this page, you will find ads about new and used Mouka foam products in a good keep currently available for purchase and prices. Thus, you can find the mattresses from N10,000 (again, depending on size and wear).

Mouka foam prices on Jiji are lower than average in Nigeria. This is the case when comfort does not take a toll: Mouka foam prices are affordable and are not going to exhaust your budget. Check out the selection and do not hesitate to order what you like.

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