Fair And White Brand in Nigeria

Fair and White Products

Fair and White offers a wide selection of skincare goods with lightening qualities. Let’s take a look at the brand in a nutshell. 
Fair and White lotion for dark skin is among top-popular preparations. It deals with fade discoloration and possesses brightening effect. Light texture makes this lotion appropriate even for oily and combination skin, blemishes, and clogged pores. After several usages, the skin becomes soft and silky. 
Fair and White serum possesses the same qualities. If you decide to use this one, remember that it works more effectively when applied overnight. 
Fair and White gold and its variations contain micro-elements, which effectively deal with pigmentation issues and evens skin tone, and antioxidant properties, which renovate the skin and boost the effect.
Fair and White soap is rich in vitamin C. Pick it as a soap for everyday use, and you’ll achieve the effect even faster. The usage of several products from the line quickly increases your chances to have perfect skin. 
Do not forget about Fair and White cream. It includes glycerin, carrot oil, and micro-elements, which in complex clarify the skin and trigger cell regeneration. Similarly to body milk, it moisturizes the skin and deals with imperfection. As a bonus, it has pleasant texture. Fair and White cream side effects are not known yet, although it is not recommended for pregnant. Fair and White cream price starts from N 1,500. 
Picking cosmetics of proper quality is your key to fresh and flawless look.

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