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Posted Nov 9      Badagry, Lagos State, Nigeria

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Archive: Chimah35Chiherc automatic power supply change over system changes your Generator<br />power supply to Nepa when NEPA light come back.<br />Chiherc automatic power supply change over system putts OFF/ON your<br />generator set no matter the distance.<br />But all petrol running generators/chock-starting generators can only be put<br />off and may not be started by this device.<br />Chiherc automatic power supply change over system, works with all type of<br />generator except the hand winding lister/air/Water cooling/mechanical<br />operating generator.<br />It has a manual switch where you can cut off NEPA or put off the generator<br />from the device.<br />It has indicator for all the supplies.<br />It displays the voltages of the power supplied to your building/load.<br />It functions silently without distraction.<br />It does not waste time as in trying to change.<br />It&#39;s functions does not affect a playing decoder, fridges/ac and all other<br />appliances in the house.<br />It&#39;s highly protective and sensitive to surge.<br />Chiherc automatic power supply change over system is easy to install.<br />COST:<br />20 - 25amps.<br />30 - 40amps.<br />60 - 80amps.<br />100 - 120amps.<br />To get a copy reach out to<br /><a id="show-phone-key" rel="nofollow" data-bazooka='popup-show-contact-limit' data-popup-id='show_contact_limit' data-popup-func='func_show_contact_limit' data-popup-data-dict='{"advert_id": "13252958", "advert_url": ""}' data-popup-default-action='nothing' data-content_name='Inverter And Automatic Power Transfer' data-content_category='Electrical Equipments' data-content_id='13252958' data-content_lid=None data-value='20000' data-place='AdvertPage' onclick="'advert', 'phone_call');" class="js-show-phone-key h-fake-link">070 &mdash; show phone</a>

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