Norland Cordyceps Coffee

Posted yesterday, 08:25
Awka, Anambra State, Nigeria
Norland Cordyceps coffee is formulated from instant coffee powder added with cordyceps extract. This makes a smooth and aromatic coffee to zest up your day.
other functional benefits include;
+ Improves respiratory systems
+ promotes general health and helps relieves cough
+ Improves quality of life and balanced body PH level
+ Reduces anxiety
+ Detoxifies the body
+ Boosts the immune system
+ Lowers blood sugar level
+ Reduces cholesterol
+ improves libido
+ has anti-aging effects
+ increases energy levels
+ promotes more restful sleep
+ improves memory.
  • Norland Cordyceps Coffee
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    Anambra State, Region No.2 Cadlands Road Amudo Plaza Aroma Junction Awka
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