Management And Treatment Of Cancer With Neolife

Posted May 16      Asokoro, Abuja (FCT) State, Nigeria
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neo-life Cancer Nutritional Supplements Can Help Cancer Patients

Cancer Nutritional Supplements
Can Help Cancer Patients
Before we discuss cancer nutritional supplements, let us discuss cancer in a nutshell.
In the United States, statistics show that cancer is the second leading cause of death.
Cancer develops abnormal cells that divide uncontrollably and can destroy normal tissue in the body. It can also spread.
Improvements in cancer screening and treatments have significantly improved.
Symptoms of Cancer
Symptoms of cancer generally include:
Fatigue, Lump or Thickening under the skin, Unusual Weight Loss or Gain, Skin Anomalies like yellowing, darkening, redness, sores that won't heal, or changes to
existing moles.
Others include changes in Bowel or Bladder Habits, Persistent Cough, Difficulty Swallowing, Hoarseness, Persistent Indigestion or Discomfort after eating, Persistent,
unexplained Muscle or Joint Pain, Unexplained and Persistent Fevers or Night Sweats.
Whether the symptoms are persistent or not, it is important to raise concerns with your doctor and determine the screening tests and procedures that may be available
to you.
Genetic Mutation...
Mutations to the DNA within cells cause cancer. These mutations might allow rapid cell growth, fail to stop uncontrolled cell growth, or make mistakes when repairing
DNA errors.
Some mutations are genetic and some are caused by exposure to external elements in your environment e.g. ultraviolet (UV) light from the sun, cancer-causing chemicals
(carcinogens) or radiation.
A gene mutation in your DNA increases your chances of developing cancer if you are exposed to a cancer-causing substance.
Some factors increase your risk to cancer;
Your age:- Most cancer patients are 65 or older but many are far younger.
Bad habits:- Smoking, Drinking ,Excessive Sun Exposure, and Unsafe sex.
Family history:- genetic mutations can be inherited.
Chronic health conditions like Ulcerative Colitis, can increase cancer risk.
Environment:- inhaling second hand smoke, chemicals at home or in your workplace like asbestos etc might increase your exposure.
Cancer treatments can be Painful and Cause Fatigue, Nausea, Breathing Difficulties, Diarrhoea, Constipation, Weight Loss, Para Neoplastic Syndromes like walking
difficulties and seizures.
Cancer can also spread (metastasize) or return. Follow-up care plans including periodic scans and examinations, are common for months and years after treatment.
Stop smoking, Avoid excessive sun exposure, Eat a healthy diet rich in Fruits, Vegetables, Whole Grains and Lean Proteins, Exercise at least 30 minutes or longer
daily, Maintain a healthy weight, Drink alcohol in moderation, Schedule and Attend your cancer screening exams, Consider Immunizations like Hepatitis B and Human
Papilloma-Virus (HPV).
Neo-life Recommended Cancer Nutritional Supplements
Starting off your cancer nutritional supplement programme with neo-life ’s base supplements is always recommended.
The base supplements are Formula IV (for women of child-bearing age) or Formula IV Plus (for men and women of menopausal age) plus GNLD Tre-en-en.
Children would have to start off with neo-life ’s Vita Squares. This is the equivalent of the basic nutritional supplements for children.
Combined together, the two base supplements will help tackle fatigue and prepare the body for absorption at cellular level.
That way, the body is able to maximally receive the benefits of the other cancer nutritional supplements that we will be discussing.
Introducing neo-life 's Phyto-Defense Pack
One of the major challenges with cancer patients is immunity.
Derived from plants, neo-life Phyto-Defense Pack contains 30 convenient packets of daily phytonutrient protection with the power of 6 optimal servings of fruits and
Each packet contains;
3 capsules of Carotenoid Complex
2 tablets of Flavonoid Complex
1 tablet of Cruciferous Plus.
Provides the nutrient density and diversity of 25 carefully selected fruits and vegetables.
Contains broad-spectrum whole-food carotenoids, flavonoids, and crucifers, 100% natural and beyond organic.
Add neo-life 's Beta-Guard,
A Key Cancer Nutritional Supplement.
This nutritional supplement is a whole food based antioxidant to protect against environmental toxins.
It is your first line of nutritional defense against damaging free radicals from pollution, exhaust fumes, chemicals, smog and other environmental toxins.
It promotes the body's natural detoxifying processes and helps guard your health against environmental and free radical challenges.
Delivers B-vitamins that assist in detoxifying environmental pollutants.
This cancer nutritional supplement includes Zinc, GTF Chromium and Selenium, which have been shown to play an important role in the body's response to heavy metal
Proprietary formulation of carefully selected vitamins, minerals and carotenoids that strengthen the body’s natural ability to detoxify and neutralize harmful agents
that negatively impact health.
Exclusive amino acid chelation supports improved absorption of beneficial minerals.
For Optimum Nutrition,
Add neo-life Chelated Zinc & Vitamin C
To optimise your cancer nutritional supplement programme, you can add neo-life 's Chelated Zinc & Vitamin C.
Zinc supports cellular repair, metabolism, and optimises a healthy immune system.
Neo-life 's Chelated Zinc undergoes a unique chelation process which reduces the chance of stomach irritation making it gentle on your digestive system.
Among other benefits of this natural supplement is its proven ability to reduce the severity and duration of common cold symptoms. It also supports vision & prostate
Also, Zinc has been shown to improve memory and attention span in children.
Vitamin C supports proper functioning of the immune system in the body but is rarely obtained in sufficient quantities.
Neo-life Sustained Release Vitamin C has 430 mg of vitamin C per tablet which is equivalent to the power of 8 oranges in each tablet.
Threshold controlled technology used in developing neo-life Sustained Release Vitamin C helps maintain elevated blood levels of vitamin C with a slow release over 6 hours. Neolife Vitamin C is highly-potent and has high-purity with citrus bioflavonoids and exclusive Neo-Plex Concentrate for whole food goodness.
Add Garlc Allium Complex and Multi-Mineral+AlfaAlfa to assist the inflammation reduction and size from developing further.
Order Your Supplements Now!
We will deliver anywhere in Nigeria!
Plus, we will answer ALL your questions and provide you support on any supplement that you want to purchase.
NOTE: YOUR HEALTH IS YOUR GREATEST WEALTH! VALUE IT! home and office delivery are available to all states nationwide
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