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  • Archive: Best Wireless Presentation Remote

Archive: Best Wireless Presentation Remote

Apapa, Lagos State, Nigeria
Archive: Best Wireless Presentation Remote<br />Grabbing your audience’s attention can be a simple task with the help of the Logitech R800, a wireless presenter that offers you a new level of control for your presentations. It’s equipped with a strong green laser pointer, has a 100 feet range, and a convenient LCD display with timer function.<br />Advancing to the next slide is a breeze when using this presenter. There are specially designated arrow buttons and you can activate to start and stop the presentation with a simple touch. The black screen button works nicely to shift the attention to you after the presentation is over. Pressing the buttons is a pleasure as they’re very ergonomically designed.<br />The wireless receiver that comes with this presentation remote offers plug-and-play operation. There are no driver configuration steps or waiting times. After the presentation’s finished you can tuck the receiver into its special docking bay installed inside the remote. For some extra convenience, there’s also a protective carrying case included.<br />One of the most attractive features of this presenter is probably the green laser pointer. It’s brighter than the classic red version and it’s very easy to focus everybody’s attention on a critical point in your slide. It works on multiple different types of presentation screens and is visible even across a large convention hall.<br />Logitech implemented an LCD display to check certain functions of the remote at a glance. You can set the timer and then quickly verify how much time you’ve got left. A silent vibration will warn only you that it’s about time to finish the presentation. It’s also great that the wireless range is one of the best in the industry. With a maximum of 100 feet, you can wander quite far without worries.<br />If it fits your budget, this presentation remote is clearly the best buy you can make. The Logitech R800 gets everything right, from the intuitive controls and the bright pointer to all the convenient functions like the timer and the silent vibration alert. This is a high-quality tool that can exceed your expectations.<br />Key Features:<br />Green laser pointer<br />1050-hour battery life<br />LCD display<br />Silent vibrating alerts and timer<br />100 feet wireless range<br />Intuitive controls<br />Plug-and-play

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