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  • Archive: Skin Whitening Cream

Archive: Skin Whitening Cream

Alimosho, Lagos State, Nigeria
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Archive: Axillary cream can promote cell regeneration, balance sebum secretion, so for all skin conditions are very helpful. It burns and sunburn treatment efficacy famous ya Seoul. Also improve acne, eczema and psoriasis, treatment of abscesses, and can inhibit the growth of micro-bacteria, so swelling, scarring, gangrene minimized, especially for acne, oily, there are stains on the skin types.<br />Wheat germ oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, oil well advanced natural moisture to soften skin, soap soap bubble rich, thick, silky texture and delicate, and very mild stimulation, suitable for all skin types, let washed your skin bright and clean, smooth and moist and not dry tight collapse, if used for bathing can be a good improvement in the calf dry skin snakeskin phenomenon, body clean and comfortable, natural essential oils leaving personal comfortable atmosphere<br />Usage: 1-2 times a day , after cleaning the skin , evenly applied on the site need to go black and gently massage until absorbed.<br />100%
  • Archive: Skin Whitening Cream


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