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  • Archive: Looking For Water Treatment Or A Plumber For Drilling Of Bore Hole Etc

Archive: Looking For Water Treatment Or A Plumber For Drilling Of Bore Hole Etc

Ajah, Lagos State, Nigeria
Archive: The Basic Components for Calculating Borehole Installation Cost:<br />Siting – It’s basically locating the best spot to drill a borehole that will have the best performance and water quality at the lowest cost possible.<br />Mobilisation and Demobilisation – Machinery, equipment and materials need to get to the site to be set up. This is the cost for moving the borehole drilling machinery and equipment to and from the site.<br />Borehole drilling cost per meter – Like explained above, every borehole will have a different depth depending on all the factors. The actual borehole drilling costs are usually calculated at a per meter cost. So the depth and type of ground will play the biggest role in getting a cost per meter.<br />Construction Material Costs – After the borehole has been drilled, the casing and completion tasks needs to be implemented. This cost can include materials like a solid casing, screen, gravel pack, sanitary seal and a well head.<br />Performance and Quality testing – The next step is well development, pump test and borehole water quality. That will determine the performance of the borehole (how much water is available) and the quality of the water.<br />Platform and Pump – Once everything has been finished, the borehole needs a platform and pump installed for it to be used. It depends on what the use is for the borehole to decide whether it will be hand pump or electrical pump.<br />This is the basic factors, processes and components that need to be included when calculating the costs of drilling borehole. Now you have an idea what exactly it takes to figure out the cost of a borehole.

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