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  • Archive: Mathematics Chemistry and Physics Home Tutor

Archive: Mathematics Chemistry and Physics Home Tutor

Ajah, Lagos State, Nigeria
Private Teacher
Math & Science
Home Lessons, Distance Learning
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Archive: If you are in need of a private tutor for your child in mathematics, chemistry and physics then you have just stumbled on the right one. i know how to make these subjects easy to understand and can teach it to anyone who is finding it difficult to understand.<br />mathematics, chemistry and physics are mandatory for anyone who wants to study any of the engineering courses and medicine in the university. you need someone who has passed it at distinction in both secondary and university level respectively. there is a formula for the understanding of these subjects which when mastered will make you a lover of these subjects.<br />of a truth, these subjects are dreaded by many students and their love for them is nothing to write home about. i will make you to understand the subjects and anytime you see or hear about them, you will be happy.<br />though teaching someone to understand can be a little challenging but i believe you will be able to master these subjects once we both are committed to them.

Ogaga Efevberha

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