• Live Pure Cleanse, Purxcel, Daily Build, Sulfur, Vision Care

Live Pure Cleanse, Purxcel, Daily Build, Sulfur, Vision Care

Posted 19/04
Agege, Lagos State, Nigeria
Eye Supplements
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Vision loss is a decreased ability to see to a degree that causes problems not corrected by usual means such as glasses.Vision can be impaired from a number of reasons.Damage to the eyes.Failure of the brain to receive and read the visual messages sent by the eye.Underlying diseases may also cause visual impairment.Diabetes retinopathy.Age related macular degeneration.Formation of cataracts.Raised pressure within the eyes leading to glaucoma.Others include,, retinitis pigmentosa, genetics or developmental abnormalities.All these reasons and conditions require a wholistic approach to solving the challenge of impaired vision.So a combination of products,vis, Cleanse, PurXcel, daily build and Organic SULFUR has been specifically put together for challenge.For blurred vision,watery eyes, reddish eyes, eye diseases, eye pain or high blood pressure of the eyes, the four put together are adequate to give relief and correct any diseased conditions.
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