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Agege, Lagos State, Nigeria
Company Name
Job Type
December 10th 2020
Application Deadline
1. Sewing of uniforms. 2. Sew cardigans and jackets
1. Knowledgeable in sewing Uniforms 2. Can Handle Industrial Machine and cutting Machine. 3. Experience in Cutting with or without patterns. 4. work as a team and under pressure when meeting Targets. 5. A female that can work as a finisher and knows how to fix buttons with a button hole tagging machine also needed. 6. Must be able to meet job targets.
Requirements and Skills
School leaving certificationź
Minimum Qualification Requirements
5 years
Minimum Experience
Archive: 1.Must be good in sewing Uniforms<br />2. knowledgeable in sewing sweaters and jackets<br />3.A tailor that can Handle Industrial machines<br />4. A Tailor that can handle button hole machines.

Gracey Bulls

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