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When it comes to discussing palm oil properties, some people might question its benefits, but in vain. Even products that influence human organism the best way can be harmful if consumed in exceeding amounts or wrong combinations. People in Central and West Africa considered it a sacred food for thousands of years! Palm oil contains Vitamin E, sterols, and carotenoids, the combination of which helped to prevent numerous diseases, including atherosclerosis, cataracts, macular degeneration, hypertension, cancer and other. Besides, it contains more Vitamins A and E than any other oil. Palm oil boosts your energy and normalizes hormonal balance. It also has strong antioxidant properties, keeping organism well-functioning and renewing cells from the inside. Palm oil is included in a range of ready-made products, like grocery, different kinds of nut butter, chocolate, cereals, protein bars, and bakery. Don’t wait for proofs - discover all its benefits now!

Palm Oil in Nigeria

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