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The Botcho cream has made a lot of fuss over itself once appeared on the market. Originated in West Africa, the cream is made to increase feminine buttocks. Regardless the name, there is no Botcho-called ingredient in it. This word simply means huge feminine buttocks in the Western African language. The actual ingredients are not known (honey and herbs are main components, though) but the results are stunning. With the mere application of this cream twice a day on the buttocks, you will notice them grow larger. The Beauty by Naturem is another highly popular Botcho cream offered in the market by a seller Myam Miam from the Ivory Coast. As it turns out, she offers the same quality products as Dr. Zoh himself. What you may found as a difference, is only the price. So, now a woman has got a better solution of making her butt more sexually attractive than plastic surgery.

Botcho Cream in Nigeria