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There are only three ingredients in zobo drink - zobo leaves, ginger, and water. Sounds quite simple, so people may not even suppose how zobo drink benefits their health. The most popular traditional Nigerian drink contains antioxidants, high level of vitamin C, several organic acids, and enzymes. As investigations show, zobo drink helps to deal with health disturbances and conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, constipation; it also controls the levels of sugar and cholesterol and strengthens digestive system. Fever and cold are neither a problem if you have some zobo drink. People suffering from diseases of kidneys are recommended to consume zobo drink regularly, as it helps to filter waste products and deal with heavy substances much easier. Anti-oxidants, besides improving immune system in general, fight free radicals and prevent cancer. You can add some flavours to your drink, or you can simply order it here. Take care of your health in a tasty way - that’s so easy!

Zobo Drink in Nigeria

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