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What is a WATERPROOF BAGPACKS in Nigeria?

A waterproof bagpack is a backpack made from a material that has been treated to resist water penetration. It also can be referred to as a rain cover or may have a zip up flap over the bag for extra security against the elements. The main idea of having one is to keep your belongings dry when you come into contact with water while carrying it around.

In Nigeria, Waterproof Bagpacks have become more favored among persons who works at poolside and other outdoor activities due to their ability to make away wet clothes and shoes without letting water in on other things inside them. They are popularly used by Swimming Coaching Centers, event managers etc. Some models can be attached to golf bags/hiking backpacks etc making it useful.


Jiji is a classified advertisements platform on mobile where people sell and buy items, services and properties. Any user can create an advertisement for free and build a network of buyers and sellers. Sellers are not restricted to selling locally/in their state or even in Nigeria. With the growing number of internet users in Nigeria, Jiji has seen more usage from Nigerians with international reach who want access to products not easily available at their location. Some users have reported success in buying various products online through the platform which are delivered right at their door steps.

The platform allows anyone to list anything they might wish to sell/buy including Waterproof Bagpacks for both personal use or business use e.g if someone needs one for work.

Benefits of buying a WATERPROOF BAGPACKS on

The main benefit is the ease of access to hard to find products in Nigeria even for someone that doesn't live nearby, you can safely purchase and have it delivered right at your doorstep.

Another advantage is the low cost when compared to retail prices in shops because most sellers tend to set lower prices to get quick buyers.

It also ensures a fair market price for item listings by removing any chances of buyers getting personal items at wholesale prices or unauthentic items from sellers looking to make a quick buck.

To protect both buyer and seller, Jiji has added verification steps like phone number/email address confirmation during signup and validation upon logins to ensure only real people transact with each other.

Reasons why you should buy a WATERPROOF BAGPACKS on

One reason is the fact that goods sold on Jiji are cheaper than those found in retail shops.

Another reason is safety of transactions as buyers and sellers go through a number of steps like email/phone confirmation during signup and validation upon logins to ensure personal details and bank account numbers remain safe.

Jiji also donates 1% of every transaction on the platform to charity unlike other classifieds platforms where users must pay for advertisement on their platform which can be expensive depending on how often you wish to promote your listings.

How do I maintain a WATERPROOF BAGPACKS in Nigeria?}l

The first thing you should know is that it's just like any other bag, if you use it on daily basis then it will wear out faster than one that's used occasionally.

During daily usage, you can wipe off wet stains using towels or cloth dipped in diluted soap to clean the waterproofing on the surface of the bags and ensure maximum utility. Also since most products are made water resistant first before actually being waterproof, manufacturers advise users to keep away from chemicals.

It's best to clear off products with multiple zippers prior to immersing them in water as some might not be able to handle high levels of pressure which could result in broken buttons/zips etc.


As an increasing number of people are using the internet to buy products, Jiji has also increased its own usership because it offers a large variety of items for sale/purchase with just one platform. With Jiji, you can purchase items that were otherwise limited by location or limited supply making it useful for various types of buyers.

Another reason is the low cost when compared to retail shops because most sellers tend to sell cheaper to get quick buyers and customers get access at hard to find prices.

Jiji makes sure all transactions on the platform go through email confirmation during signup and validation upon logins which protects both buyer and seller from any fraudulent acts.