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Apple iPhone 6 Screen Protectors in Nigeria

Have you just bought an iPhone 6? Worried about your iPhone screen getting scratched at any time? Or are you worried about mistakenly dropping your phone while the screen is facing down? Yeah, all you need is an extremely durable screen protector that will give your screen an extra layer of protection every time.

iPhones are pretty expensive to purchase in Nigeria and it wouldn't be nice if they were scratched or broken. A scratched screen can be very annoying and it can cause your phone to behave badly and blur your phone's screen.

A screen protector is usually put on your phones to protect them from scratches or breakage. Every phone has its screen protector, and so does the iPhone 6, but it is very important to only buy one iPhone 6 screen protector for an iPhone 6.

Types of Apple iPhone 6 Screen Protectors

  • Tempered Glass - Provides good protection from bumps and scratches.

  • PET plastic - usually covers basic scratch protection.

  • TPU plastic - scratch protection only.

  • Multi-layer screen protection: very long-lasting and withstands shock.

Aside from the normal material of the phone protector, you may notice some differences in the actual appearance of the accessory.

  • Ultra Clear Screen Protector - Highly transparent for a clear view of the screen. These screen protectors can block UV rays and come with a non-stick silicone back for easy removal and replacement.

  • Anti-Glare Screen Protector - Great for those who use their phone outdoors and need to block the glare from UV rays. This type of screen protector also prevents fingerprint coating and is scratch-resistant.

  • Privacy Screen protector: These screen protectors are great for anyone who wants to protect the information displayed by preventing anyone from seeing the phone screen without seeing it directly. At any other angle, the phone appears black.

  • Mirror Screen Protector: It can turn your phone into a decent mirror when not in use. Although, its popularity has waned as most phones have a front camera.

Benefits of the Apple iPhone 6 Screen Protectors

Screen protectors improve privacy

Privacy screen protectors offer mobile phone users a way of protecting their private data from others. By using a privacy screen saver, information on a cell phone is only visible to the person directly in front of their screen when viewed from the front.

However, if the phone is tilted at an angle, the content of the screen darkens, protecting the confidentiality of electronic data and blocking the view of anyone other than the user.

Screen protectors reduce glare

Anti-glare shields also enhance the visibility of the screen by reducing light reflections and glare from bright light. This allows owners to use their devices more conveniently by reducing eye strain.

Screen protectors prevent fingers from sticking

Ultra-clear screen protectors are the authentic type and are designed to be as inconspicuous as possible so as not to compromise screen clarity. They're generally ultra-thin compared to other types and offer a smooth, that users can easily maneuver without sticking.

Screen protectors can prevent UV damage

Anti-reflective screen protectors most importantly refract light and reduce reflection when light moves through the surface of the phone. Like anti-glare screen protectors, AR screen protectors allow users to read, quickly, and comfortably with minimal eye strain.

Screen protectors resist fingerprints

Anti-fingerprint screen protectors are made of a lipophobic coating that avoids oil on the skin and prevents fingerprints and smudges from appearing and fixing, making prints appear almost invisible from all angles on the screen.

With a fingerprint-resistant screen protector, cell phone users can keep their screens neat and new every time without having to constantly clean them.

Screen protectors are shatter-resistant

A tempered glass screen protector can be effective protection against scratches and breakage if dropped. It is more convenient to interact with and for some users with the touch screen because tempered glass doesn’t create bubbles like with a plastic screen shield. However, often more exorbitant, tempered glass screen protectors are wider and thus enable more durability.

How to get an Apple iPhone 6 Screen Protectors

All iPhone 6 users should purchase an iPhone 6 screen protector either made of plastic or tempered glass, to protect the phone and avoid damage to the screen. A screen protector can prevent sudden accidents from destroying the quality. They will also give users extra advantages like anti-glare and anti-reflective coverage.

So, where can you get this? Just simply visit the Jiji online marketplace to get one for your iPhone.