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Today, headphones are rather an inseparable part of survival kit in the concrete jungle than a simple accessory. Listening to electrical audio signals has become less necessary with the development of amplifiers, and meanwhile some melomaniac decided it would be good to listen to jazz music without disturbing people around. Time passed, and headphones have gained another purpose – protecting the one who wears headphones about disturbing people around. Headphone size does not define sound quality anymore, and attractive design can be a feature of both tiny portable ear-fitting wireless and a bit bulky circumaural headphones. Headphones are also a good alternative for loudspeakers in the places, where they are inappropriate, and they are surely the greatest pleasure for every music lover. Just remember not to listen to very loud music and take care about your health.

Headphones in Nigeria

Mdr-xb 950 Bt SONY Headset 3

Mdr-xb 950 Bt SONY Headset

₦4,000 Negotiable
Studio Head Phone 4

Studio Head Phone

Airpod Wireless 3

Airpod Wireless

Bluetooth Stereo Headset 2

Bluetooth Stereo Headset

₦2,000 Negotiable
Apple Airpod Pouch 14
Ditmo Headset 2

Ditmo Headset

ST418 CR7 Bluetooth Headset 2

ST418 CR7 Bluetooth Headset

₦3,999 Negotiable


₦80,000 Negotiable